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Uniform Coat

You are as GOOD as the COAT you put on.

Furry little ole me

I have been thinking about making something  new and pushing myself to a new limit. This project was inspired by my son and later put together for me in a dream. Yes it… Continue reading

To #Infinity

I like the original scarf, but when someone invented the Infinity scarf; thought about people who was tired of wrapping their scarves around like mom and grandma use to do it. Looking like… Continue reading

#Butterfly Jacket

Preparing for the Fall/ Winter… Grey and white hooded long sleeve jacket is fully insulated to keep the fall winds out. Button closure and crocheted side pockets with a butterfly accent.

#Autumn #Afghan

When this Afghan was being created I it took me a week to get the colors I wanted; to contrasted the it should, to give off this finished look.  I’m glad it came… Continue reading

#Fall #Accessories

#Jump #Suits

Creme with multi-color blues & purple trim Multi-color blues & purple with zipper closure  

#3/4 #Length #Jacket

  Rose Pink and Multi-Color Browns This shows the versatility in the colors that you can wear and still make your child’s outfit pop with style.


Scarf Check… Hat Check…. Ear muffs Check….  Yes its still cold!!!  and if you have little ones or even yourself would lose or forget to take one of the items I just mentioned.… Continue reading

Packing up #Summer Here Comes the #Cold BURRRR

As the summer comes to a close and we say hello to winter once again.  I decided to make a few items to welcome our old friend back.